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Caboodle - A disk swapping puzzle game
(July 4, 2014)

Set Game Puzzle
(May 1, 2014)

Divide 50 pennies into 2 piles
(Oct 15, 2013)

Magic Square Solver
(Sep 30, 2013)

Multiplication cryptaritms
(Sep 26, 2013)

A color illusion
(May 25, 2012)

Initials puzzle
(May 21, 2012)

5K time converter
Generalized to any distance in km or mi.
(May 20, 2012)

An anagram puzzle heard on NPR
(Mar 4, 2012)

 Quadratic Formula in Verse
(Dec 27, 2011)

Diamonds in a hexagon
(Oct 6, 2010)

Twins confuse an election
(Sep 20, 2010)

A short essay on 'Genius'
(Sep 18, 2010)

Triangle Area Calculator
(Sep 14, 2010)

Convert number bases
(Jun 6, 2010)

Windmills of the site
(May 14, 2010)

Diophantine Equation Solver
(May 2, 2010)

Hamburger Math
(Apr 20, 2010)

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Original quotes:
"There is no knowledge, only belief ."
"Water, in all its forms - rivers, lakes, falls, clouds, rain, and, most of all, life, is a source of never ending beauty."
" 'Life' is software that builds its own hardware."
"We are living the first pass of a two-pass algorithm."
"We do not learn; we discover what we did not realize we already knew."
"BIRTHDAY: that special day of the year that most clearly marks that Time pushes the start of our life farther away, and pulls the end nearer."
"The best way to get something programmed is to ask a programmer to do it by hand."
Whether you add (BU__SH__) or subtract (B_S_), the result is the same.
He is now out of office (thank goodness), but we must not forget the horrors of those eight wasted years. Inform yourself about BU__SH__
Puzzles & Games
My PuzzlesInteresting math problems
SquareMatchsmall triangleTriMatch

OctaMatch aka Doris Puzzle (2/07/08)

Anagram helper
Find anagrams (5/12/02)

Cryptogram Helper

Clobber (5/1/02)

CrossPrime (2/22/2)

Black box paths (8/10/02)
pentominoesBlokus (4/22/03)
Pentominoes (6/5/02)
Tetrominoes (3/23/05)

Cryptarithms (4/28/05)

Magic Square Solver (9/30/2013)

Diophantine Equations (5/02/10)
Diamonds in a hexagon
Card Swap or Rubik's Grid (10/29/07) Initials Puzzle (5/21/12)
Set Game Puzzle (5/1/14)
MasterMind (5/23/05)ColorGame (6/1/02)
Tricolor (7/12/02)

Random Art (6/15/02)
Much Better Art (4/09/08)
Solutions to 24 Game (9/21/07) Jeopardy   Wheel   Chase
 Simple Logic Puzzle (12/17/06)?Mystery word puzzle (12/20/02)

Works of "art", including some animations

Some animated greeting cards
Send Happy Birthday (and other)
greetings to your friends.

Snowflakes An optical illusion
Others' quotes:
"God made the integers - all the rest is the work of man."
-- L. Kronecker
"You do not really improve your chances in Lotto by buying a ticket."
-- ??
"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up."
-- Lily Tomlin
"The most amazing achievement of the computer software industry is its continuing cancellation of the steady and staggering gains made by the computer hardware industry."
-- Henry Petroski
"In Britain, a hundred miles is a long way,
in America, a hundred years is a long time.
-- ??
"Before the debugging comes the enbugging."
-- Joe Algieri
"Even if you cannot fill your head with ideas,
you can still fill your mouth with words."
-- Lidia Luquet
"You can never start staying up late too early."
-- Mortcat
"Never date anyone younger than your kids."
-- klj
"What flavor is your lollipop ?"..."Gooood !"
-- Celia Kaye (age 4)
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