Squarematch 4
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This version of Squarematch features four-color tiles. With 70 different tiles altogether, there are too many in the complete set to work with all at once, so we look at subsets.
In the first, we look at the 18 tiles which have at least three different colors and no two adjacent the same.
A 9 tile subset of this set is available at
Kadon Enterprises

In the second, we look at the 24 "aabc" tiles: those with one side in one color and the other side in two other colors.
All solutions of various shapes are displayed.
Click on the ranges below to see them.
Those which have left and right ("Horiz. wrap") or top and bottom ("Vert. wrap") edges which match, or all four corners the same, appear first in each part.

The 5x5 arrangements start with some very nice symmetric solutions.

The images take a few seconds to be generated. You'll need web colors turned on to see the results.

114 3x6 0-56    57-113    (Note #64 and #85)
172 4x5 less corners 0-57   58-114   115-171
279 4x5 hole 0-69   70-139   140-209   210-278
233 4x6 Spec1   HorizWrap   Corners   69-108   109-148   149-188   189-232  
Spec1: Torus (6), Corners + Vert Wrap (3), Vert Wrap (4), Corners + Horiz. Wrap

101 3x8 Spec2   27-51   52-76   77-100  
Spec2: Corners/Horiz Wrap

197 5x5 Symmetric   35-63   64-93   94-123   124-153   154-173   174-196